Early Warning Services

What is Early Warning Services

Early Warning Systems is another credit reporting agency that is the same as chexsystems. It is being used by some banks and credit unions as an alternative and most banks use Early Warning Systems in conjunction with ChexSystems. Like ChexSystems, the participating financial institutions in the Early Warning Services network share information about customers who may be a risk.

Formerly known as Primary Payment Systems, Early Warning System is a joint venture between BB&T, Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase and Wells Fargo. The company operates like ChexSystems and has been reported to be just as relenting and unforgiving.

Since Early Warning Services is a credit reporting agency, you are entitled to view and dispute discrepancies on your report. To get a copy of your Early Warning Services report, you should call 800-325-7775. At this time, they do not have an online ordering system in place.

When ordering your report, be prepared to give them the necessary information to help identify you. Information such as name, address, phone, past residents for 5 years, social security number and drivers license.

While they do need certain information to contact you, you should refrain from giving them any information that they do not need. This information includes current/past employment information, current and past bank account information and do not send them a canceled check. If they need this information they can research it, but you are not required nor is it necessary for you to volunteer such information.

If you find yourself in the grips of Early Warning Systems and/or ChexSystems, there are options for you. You can check out mysecondchancebank.com or mychexsystemsbanks.com for free resources on local banks and credit unions offering second chance checking accounts.